Fully Managed VPS at Very Affordable Price.

Performance, security, and scalability, all effortlessly managed, ensuring an exceptional hosting experience.

Starting from 12.00$ / mo.


12.02$ / mo.

Renews as same.


16.83$ / mo.

Renews as same.


21.64$ / mo.

Renews as same.


28.86$ / mo.

Renews as same.


32.47$ / mo.

Renews as same.


36.08$ / mo.

Renews as same.


48.99$ / mo.

Renews as same.


68.99$ / mo.

Renews as same.


89.99$ / mo.

Renews as same.

Included with Every plan.

Why Luveedu Cloud is Best for
Developers & Businesses?

We promise you to give the best always as always
We are built in power & speed.

Global Network

Now you can easily navigate between your friends and relatives using our global network of 12+ data centers in every corner, so enjoy your power.

40x Faster

Our Cloud Hosting Servers are generally 40X Faster and 60X More Powerful than other hosting providers. We uses Google Cloud and AWS Data centers.

Robust Security

Security and speed both are our first priority. We maintain our server security by professions who has experience of 20 years in Networking & cybersecurity.

14 Days Money Back

Luveedu Cloud's 14-day money-back guarantee provides customers peace of mind. If unsatisfied, they can request a full refund within two weeks, promoting confidence and satisfaction.

Website Migration

Free website migration by Luveedu Cloud simplifies the transition process, saving time and effort for customers when moving their sites, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

24x7 Support

Luveedu Cloud's 24x7 support ensures assistance is available at any time, addressing customer concerns promptly, enhancing trust, and providing a safety net for urgent issues.

Performance overview-rafiki

Choosen globally, Powerful.
Server managed by experts.

Luveedu Cloud’s Managed VPS Hosting leverages a global network of 12+ data centers, optimizing performance with reduced latency and robust reliability, benefitting websites and users worldwide.

Best Technology for security
Which actually helps you.

Luveedu Cloud’s Managed VPS Hosting utilizes advanced technology for top-tier security, including real-time monitoring, firewalls, and encryption, safeguarding websites and data from online threats.

Server status-bro

Connects data, you know
Better to grow your idea.

Luveedu Cloud’s Managed VPS Hosting ensures reliability, availability, and uptime through load balancing, redundancy, and advanced monitoring, enhancing SEO and user experience for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Luveedu Cloud managed hosting is a type of cloud hosting that provides businesses with a fully managed hosting environment. This means that Luveedu Cloud takes care of all the technical aspects of hosting, so businesses can focus on their core business activities.

There are many benefits to using Luveedu Cloud managed hosting, including:

  • Peace of mind: Businesses can rest assured that their hosting environment is being managed by experts.
  • Scalability: Businesses can easily scale their hosting environment as their needs grow.
  • Security: Businesses’ data is protected by multiple layers of security.
  • Support: Luveedu Cloud offers 24/7 support, so businesses can get help whenever they need it.

Luveedu Cloud managed hosting is a good option for businesses that want to outsource the management of their hosting environment. It is also a good option for businesses that need peace of mind and security.

In this plan we will manage your server and take care of your resources. You just host and focus on your business. Simple and secured by nature.

Yes, Of course. You will get free dedicated mail service. ( IMAP / POP3 / SMTP ). But the mail sending and updating time is restricted. You can only send 100 emails per hour. Because of security issues we have to add then restriction.

Yes, Its fully upgradable. You can upgrade your hosting to any plan from our site and still you will get Free Migration, Free Modification and Free of cost site maintenance.

Yes, Of Course You can migrate your site from one location to another. You just have to create an ticket or chat with our team then our team will instantly solve your issue within few minutes and then you just have to change the name servers.

Yes, Of Course. You will get a free refund if you cancel any plan within 14 days of purchase. We will send the amount directly into your payment method you used to purchase hosting.